Spicy Lamb Oriental Rice Recipe

Photo: Spicy Lamb Oriental Rice Recipe

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to try Spicy Lamb Oriental Rice Recipe. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Spicy Lamb Oriental Rice.

Serves: 8 persons
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Cheap

Preparation time : 25 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes


3 tablespoons vegetable oil

3 medium onions or 450 g, finely chopped

500 g minced lamb

¼ cup raisins or 50 g

1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground allspice

½ teaspoon ground black pepper

4 whole cardamom pods

1 bay leaf

4 cups long grain white rice or 800 g, washed and drained

4 cubes MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon

5 cups water or 1250 ml

2 cups mixed fried nuts, for garnish


Heat oil in a pot and fry onions for 5-8 minutes until golden brown. Add lamb, raisins, cinnamon, allspice, pepper, cardamom and bay leaf. Cook until meat is golden brown.

Add rice, mix well with meat and spices, add MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon and water, mix well, bring to the boil, cover and cook on low heat for 20-25 minutes or until rice is cooked.

Serve the rice on a serving plate; garnish with the fried nuts.


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