Doctors and fasting

We often hear non Muslim doctors advising patients of various diseases and even expecting mothers not to fast. It is understandable since the non Muslim doctors are not aware how the Muslims fast. They naturally think that the patient must be under terrible stress because of the fast. This idea is prevalent even among some Muslims since they have not given a thought to it there are those who .
But in reality the fast is not stressful at all. On non fasting days all of us – Muslims or non Muslims eat and drink from around say 8 a.m. till about 8 p.m. –a period of 12 hours. During Ramadan – or any other days that the Muslims fast –we are allowed to eat from about 6.30 p.m. till about 5 a.m. – i.e. almost the same number of hours – about 12 hours. The only difference is that we eat during daytime on normal days and in the night during fasting days.
Actually the people tend to eat more during the fasting days and even richer food and drink more water for fear of feeling the thirst or hunger. And if the patient has to take medicine they usually take within 12 hours of waking time. And they can take the medicine from 6 p.m. till next day 6 a.m. – just the within same time interval.
Therefore most patients even with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc. can continue to take the medicine and continue to fast with no bad effects whatsoever. Similarly even insulin injections can be taken during these times.
I am not saying all patients can continue to fast – 12 hour being without water intake can be harmful for say a dehydrated patient or a patient may need to take medicine every 4 hours right throughout 24 hours. However most patients can fast with no untoward effects whatsoever.
Besides, reversing the eating times from day to night like what happens at the fasting time had been proved by western and eastern medicine both, to be very healthy for the human beings.
I hope this will be considered by the Doctors when they advice the patients.


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