For those of us who are fortunate whose mother is alive please take very good care of her
For those of us who have lost their most precious possession ( mother ) I pray for their soul to always rest in peace..amen

Lets all pray for our Mothers daily.

Prayer for Moms

A poor couple lived in a small village in Pakistan. They had only one son. They gave him the best education. Eventually the son graduated as an Engineer from the nearby city. Thereafter he got married to a rich girl. Initially, they lived with his parents in the village. Soon the wife got tired of village life and persuaded the husband to move to the city leaving the old parents in the village. As time went by the husband saw an advert in the newspaper about a vacancy in Jeddah. He was successful and lived in Jeddah for years with his wife. Regularly he used to send money to his parents. Eventually with time he forgot about the existence of his parents stopped sending them money.

Every year he made Hajj and immediately after that he used to see someone in his dreams telling him that his Haj is not accepted. One day he related the story to a pious Aalim who advised him to go back to Pakistan to visit his parents.

The man flew to Pakistan and reached the boundary of the village. Everything had changed. He could not find his house. He asked a small boy about the whereabouts of so and so. The little boy directed the man to a house and said “In this house lives an old blind lady who lost her husband a few months ago. She has a son who migrated to Saudi Arabia years back and never came back again. What an unfortunate man ? ”

The son enters the house and finds his mother on the bed. He tip-toed as not to wake her up. He heard the mother whispering or mumbling something. He gets closer to listen to her voice. This is what the mother was saying “Ya Allah ! I am now very old and blind. My husband just died and there is no Mahram to lower me in my grave when I die. So please send my son to full fill my last wish.”

This is the end of a story where the DUAA of a Mother is accepted.

A human body can bear only 45 del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del(unit) of pain… This is
similar to 20 bones getting fractured, all at the same time!!

This is just to tell you the extent to which a mother loves her child! ‘Love your mom till the end of your life. The lady with whom you
fight almost everyday, suffered so much pain just to give you a beautiful life!

How many people will you forward this to? I won’t mind if I get it again.

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