Healthy cooking secrets II

Instead of frying the pappad just apply oil or ghee on the pappad and keep it in the MW. you will get very nice fried one with in a min. Try this.

You can do this for ‘kuzh vathal’ and also ‘Javvaasi vathal’ also. In my family we do this often.

For cheese toast or for other dishes use melted or grilled cheese. Use grated cheese instead of slices; you’ll use less.

Instead of potato chips, make potato wedges, and bake them in the oven instead of frying.

Try using other veges instead of – or combined with – potatoes for interesting mash. Pumpkin, chow chow or onion or cauliflower all make tasty and healthy mash.You can use any type of greens also in this.

Grated fruit and vegetables like apple, carrot and beetroot can replace some of the sugar and fat in baking recipes.

Wholemeal flour can substitute for white flour in baking and adds fiber. Experiment with your favorite recipes: start by replacing a quarter of the white flour with wholemeal. Up to two-thirds of the flour in most recipes could be wholemeal.

Icing on cakes can be replaced with a combination of filtered yogurt and honey, fruit or drinking chocolate.

Add chopped dates or figs to replace some of the sugar in cakes and slices. These add a chewy texture and extra fiber.

While making custard, always use low fat milk. You won’t notice it in the final product.

Plain yogurt is delicious when served with some grated fruit. Add a little grated, dark chocolate for an extra touch,for children.

For a good breakfast in a hurry: – fruit, yogurt, milk and oats for a complete breakfast in a drink.

Keep a small container of nuts in your desk drawer for a simple, instant snack.

Vegetable soup and whole grain toast makes a warming, hearty lunch.

Buy reduced-fat versions of dairy products, meat and prepared meals.

Buy whole grain or brown versions of bread, pasta and rice.

Replace potato chips with rice crackers or pita crisps.

Replace 1 cup cream with 1 cup light & creamy evaporated milk, combined with 1 tablespoon cornflour.

Use coconut-flavored evaporated milk instead of coconut milk.

Use Light Cream Cheese spread is an excellent butter substitute on toast, sandwiches and fruit bread; it’s low in fat and tastes great.

Use fresh fruit with low-fat plain yogurt instead of using sweetened yogurt on cereal.

Enjoy healthy cooking!
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