Calories to Lose Weight: Tips on How to Lose Calories to Help You Shed Some Pounds

So, exactly how many calories to lose
weight? It really depends on your BMI. According to health experts, a minimum of 1200 calories a day can help you stay fit. If you go lower than this, your metabolism tends to go down.

To help you figure out how many calories to lose pounds, here are some tips recommended by health experts.

Know the calories you eat each day. Starting right now, you have to read labels and find the calorie information about the food you are taking. This can help you start estimating how much you eat each day.

Eliminate 500 calories a day. It does not have to be exactly 500 but it has to be near that number. This is a realistic goal. Do not go too far though as
it will not do
good on your body.

Cut those calories. By engaging in physical activity each day, you can help your body cut out calories you do not need. Or you can opt to cut at least 500 calories from your diet. How about those junk foods that you frequently eat? Throw them away and replace them with fruits and vegetables.

Weigh yourself every morning. This is one of the best ways to help you know how many calories to lose pounds. I do this almost every morning after waking
If you are overweight though, you may need to lose more than 500 calories a day. But you have to consult your physician first. He/she might have have some ideas to help you lose weight in a safer way.

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