Assalamalaikum, the following patient from Hyderabad is in need of financial support. He has to pay 50000 riyals to Al Mana hospital, Khobar to get discharged and he is leaving on 19 of April by Saudi Airlines and the cost of ticket for stretcher and other medical facility on board is14000 Saudi Riyals. Dr. Abdul Hai Khan, Convener Health Committee, Hyderabad Association, has already inquired about the case in detail.

Name: Tanveer Mohammed Sirajuddin, 37 Year old male.
–Admitted in Al Mana Khobar under Dr. Nader Nastah Consultant Neurologist
–Diagnosis: Guillanbarre Syndrome
–Quadriplegic—that is both upper limbs and lower limbs are paralyzed
—Post ventilator recovery poor .(Ventilator–external assisted respiration by machine)– because in these cases lung and diapghrammay be affected–causing breathing difficulties).
–Date of Diagnosis–16-3-2012.
–Insurance of limit of 250000 riyals reached.

I request all of you to donate for this patient. The office bearers of Hyderabad Association have already started working on it. Kindly contact the following persons.

Dammam: Dr. Abdul Hai Khan 0508240611 and Mr. Irfan 0503892308
Al Khobar: Mr. Ismail(Sajid) 0503899174 and Mr. Waheed 0507271512

Mr.Arshad is brother in law of the patient can be also contacted at 0508477123

Best Regards

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