Did you knowthere is no sound in space
Did you knowMars appears red because it’s covered in rust
Did you knowtennis was originally played with bare hands
Did you knowthe Olympic flag was designed in 1913
Did you knowa bowling pin will fall at a tilt of 7.5 degrees
Did you knowthere are 31,536,000 seconds in a year
Did you knowa piece of paper cannot be folded more than 7 times
Did you knowthe opposite sides of a dice always adds up to 7
Did you knowVHS stands for Video Home System
Did you knowthe WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacer
Did you knowthe electric toothbrush was invented in 1939
Did you knowPorsche also builds tractors
Did you knowthe Eiffel Tower has 1,792 steps
Did you knowIsaac Newton invented the cat door
Did you knowthe Titanic was built in Belfast
Did you knowBuckingham Palace has over 600 rooms
Did you knowHawaii was originally called the Sandwich Islands
Did you knowNew York was the first capital of the United States
Did you knowAmericans eat 35,000 tons of pasta a year
Did you knowHawaii is the only US state that grows coffee
Sources from internet

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