Helping Anonymously Via Charity Donation
Article Submitted by: edgardo berones

Sunday, 05 February 2012

When we give wholeheartedly, we give with no strings attached at all. We avoid doing false donations — or donation just for the sake of getting some recognition and media attention. A sincere giving is better than one meant for grandstanding. The truth is that people will forget what you said, people might forget your name, but people will never forget what you did to them and how you made them feel.
Giving anonymously will be the ultimate sacrifice and also the highest form of charity, in that the donor gives donation generously without seeking attention. They just wish to share their blessings for giving’s sake with no selfish motives. They merely wanted to help, and that is it. This pure act of kindness is very rare although. Statistics also reveals that the record of anonymous donations has stayed at about the same level for years.

Whilst anonymous giving is really noble, some do it for the sake of practicality. Some anonymous donors make anonymous car donation simply to avoid becoming bombarded with additional request for donations, which generally occurs when the word gets about. Publicity can really score you a handful of followers.

But that is not to say that the latter is bad. Like I stated, there’s that cause of practicality. In our present state of economic climate, donating to charity tend to be really tough. What with all of the belt-tightening and all. It’s really hard to give especially when you are on a tight budget. It’s surprising which you are able to assist and donate at all!

Such unselfishness is truly a fantastic factor. Even better, however, would be to make charitable donations an integral part of your lives instead of an occasional occasion. It is a lot so when you have a business. Your donation will be tax deductible, which is another good thing about donating to charities. That way your company advantages also when you give to charity. Donating anonymously may be really a rewarding expertise.

Anonymously or not, when you as well as your company give to charity frequently, that act of kindness will be an ongoing reminder that your business is over just a way to earn money. You’ll understand that your company is able to help other individuals and so the bigger your company gets the more it can assist other people. When the company grows it is in a position to help more. Hence it’s much more rewarding.
Lastly simple things can be a form of giving in itself: Helping an elderly cross the street, sending a get well card to the sick, donating something that you no longer use to charities, all of these can mean a lot already. Giving unselfishly and without fakery counts more than giving millions with a selfish motive.
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