Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Assalaamu Alaikkum Wa Rahmathullaahi Wa Barakaathahu !




The main objective of this meditation is to use the full capacity of our lungs while breathing- inhaling and exhaling.

We actually use only 2/3rd of the capacity of our lungs while breathing. The remaining 1/3rd which is the Residual Air is left in our lungs.

The breathing exercise in Sudarshan Kriya meditation helps us to breath out the 1/3rd Residual Air left in our lungs and therefore this increases our Concentration and Confidence, reduces Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Worries and Laziness and increases Physical Energy, Stamina and helps maintain Harmony at Home and Work claims the Founder of Art and Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Due to these benefits, a lot of people swarm to this program including many Muslims.


In Islamic Salaah too, we can achieve the same. And many more benefits not present in Sudarshan Kriya.

When we offer Sajda, the Abdominal Diaphragm presses against the lower lobes of our lungs and as we inhale and exhale during Sajda this 1/3rd Residual Air is also breathed out and this improves our Concentration and Confidence.

The Rukoo Posture stretches the vertebra and cures us of the Diseases of the Vertebra.

Further, when we are in the Jalsa(Sitting Position) in Salaah and Stand up, we are also exercising the Calf Muscles which act as a Peripheral Heart and Pumps Blood to the Lower parts of our body. It is similar to the Sitting Position called as Vajrasana in Yoga, which cures us of the Diseases of the Knee namely Arthritis and Joint pains.

Inorder to achieve all the above, we need to offer our Salaah patiently and give sufficient time intervals in each Posture of our Salaah. Since we offer our Salaah Five Times daily we can achieve great benefits if we adhere to its Correct Methodology as advised by Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihiwa Sallam.

The above comparison has been done and explained by Dr Zakir Naik who is also a Medical Doctor himself, in a public lecture at Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai after analysis of Sudarshan Kriya Meditation promoted by Sri Sri Ravishankar in detail and is available in a DVD as part of the Topic ‘ Sequel to the Interfaith Dialogue of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Dr Zakir Naik’ available with Discover Islam and Education Trust, Bangalore and also Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai.

Further, indulging in Dhikr of Allah’s Beautiful Names in our Salaah, especially during Tahajjud, Fajr and Isha Salaah helps us reap Rich Benefits such as Peace of Mind, Clarity of Thinking and Forbearance, Reduction of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Worries and Laziness and Increases Physical Energy and Stamina and also helps maintain Harmony at Home and Work and Many more Benefits which are not comparable to anything in this universe.

The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting during Ramadhaan are the best in this World and in the Hereafter. No other religion can match this.

The Spiritual Benefits of Salaah are Infinite which cannot be compared to any man-made meditation programs.

Yoga is close to our Salaah due to the fact that its many Aasanaas (Postures) resemble the many postures in our Salaah. Yoga Postures have been there since Prophet Aadam Alaihis Salaam according to Islamic Scholars.

For More information on Salaah and Yoga, please read the book ‘ SALAAH – AN ISLAMIC YOGA AND MEDITATION ’ by Brother Atiqur Rahman, published by Adam Publishers and Distributers, 1542, Pataudi House, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002. Website:

Let us understand our Salaah taught to us by Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala in a better manner and offer it in the way it has to be offered. This will prevent us Muslims from running after man-made meditations of other faiths.

May Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala Make us all Proficient in our Ibaadah ! Aameen !

Please forward this article for the benefit of our Ummah.

Your brother in Islam,
A Shabbir Ahmed

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